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Unlock your business potential with streamlined online courses, tech tools and templates.

Become Tech Savvy with your business automation and process management.

Master your tech and scale your business faster and more efficiently. Start your journey to Tech Confidence today.

If you WANT to Learn, You WILL!

I know this for a fact based on all the over 40's, over 50's+ that I have trained over the years. They all started with...


"I'm too old to learn tech"
"It's too hard"

and more excuses.

BUT, they all put in the effort and we took it step by step and they now run their businesses with ease.

You can too!




Hi. I'm Kylie,
Your number 1 fan & new Tech Translator


If You Want To Learn - You Will!

I can help you identify the best tools and solutions for your business.

Learn how to use the latest technology to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.


RESOURCES to get you started

You're going to



Look into my Tech Toolkit

My Tech Toolkit

My Tech Toolkit changed a lot when I was starting my business and I still love to try out the new 'shiny tech'.

However, for the past couple of years I have my favourites that I have stayed loyal to. They do the job just how I like it.


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FREEBIE - Tech Tips on YouTube

Watch 'How-To's'

I like to show how I use a lot of the Tech Tools in my Tech Toolkit.

PLUS a range of reviews and tips for many of the popular tech for Entrepreneurs.



YouTube Tech Tips
FREEBIE - Podcast

Confident with Tech

You can be Confident with Tech. This is the podcast for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and all Content Creators wanting to save time, energy and lose the frustration. If you want to be Tech Savvy and fall in love with your tech tools and be an automation Queen (or King) - you can!

YouTube Tech Tips
The latest


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Tech Tools & Resources Directory

Grab your FREE list of Resources and choose which you may add to your Tech Toolkit (aka Tech Stack).

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