#006 - Bookkeeping &Tech with Special Guest Amanda Stubbs

So welcome creatives to this episode, number #006 of the Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast and today we’re talking about bookkeeping and tech tools and I’m going to be chatting with a friend of mine, Amanda Stubbs from Sense Bookkeeping and we’re going to be discussing her favorite tech tools for bookkeeping and some tips for capturing and recording your financial information, which is hopefully going to make your life a lot easier and maybe hopefully break some of the myths that you might think surround the bookkeeping process and maybe why you haven’t tried to take on a bookkeeper at the moment.

So keep an open mind and either take away some of these tips for yourself, or maybe it will give you some ideas on exploring a bookkeeper for yourself. Let me know which way you go.

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Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

Kylie translates tech for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Content Creators with tips, systems and automations to allow you to reclaim lost time, sell with ease and above all be Tech Confident!

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