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3 Ways Aeon Timeline & “Relationship View” Improves my Writing

Aeon Timeline is my 1st and only choice to brainstorm and outline both my fiction and non-fiction writing.  I use it for my blogging calendar as well as project planning for course launches and for my fiction series.

A tip I’d like to share today is the Relationship View feature.


Your timeline view is great for getting your ideas out of your head and into the software, but once you have that a quick self-edit is very useful before you start writing, either syncing with Scrivener or Ulysses, or whatever your writing method of choice is.

3 Reasons to use Relationship View

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Kylie Writing on iPad

3 Reasons to Utilise Relationship View

Are you an Aeon Timeline user?  Do you use any of these methods for self-editing your timeline?

If you don’t use Aeon Timeline, what method do you use?  I’m always curious about other authors’ methods.

Let me know in the comments box below

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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