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HEY, I'M Kylie

the founder and tech translator behind Tech Savvy Creatives. 

I'm a Gen X -

I didn't grow up with tech.

As a child of the 70's and a teenager in the 80's I didn't grow up with tech like my child has these days. He was using an iPad at 2 years old. I don't even remember having a TV then, let alone a device to stream any movie on.


Years later during my accounting career I was eager to learn how to remove all the data entry 'busy-work' we did every month. I hated the repetitive end of month processes of manual journals, and analysing all the transactions in spreadsheets and then posting back into the so-called financial software.

My story really began when I left Australia and travelled to the UK

The year 2000 kicked off my love of travel for the next 15 years. 

With my skills to create costing spreadsheets and learn any new financial software I came across I began to be head hunted for Cost Accounting roles and System Accounting (which weren't actual jobs titles at the time). 

Passionate about helping others

Through my travels I met all sorts of people and found everyone learns a different way. Some like details, lots of details, and others just like a high level graph.

I became a Tech Translator, translating how the financial software did something for the user to get the result and 'trust' it. If someone doesn't understand how the mysterious unseen software works - how can they trust it!

Creating a lifestyle that gave me freedom was my goal

I've been a lover of Tech since my 1st Palm Pilot. Combined with my writing passion and a desire to help others navigate the often confusing world of software and digital processes, this site was born.

I retired from accounting and travelling with 30+ years of experience across multiple industries and countries on training others in tech tools and software applications.

I'll show you how to use the tech tools that will streamline your business processes and help you scale and grow your business.

Why I Do It

During my career I lived, worked and travelled for 15 out of 20 years and enjoyed the places and people I met on my adventures. Once I became a solo-mum I decided that lifestyle no longer suited and so I began looking for a way to earn my income and work 100% from home.


I'm on a mission

My passion for technology and creating a business around evergreen online courses, with some virtual coaching programs and 1-1 offers, has allowed me to keep helping you, and have the lifestyle I was craving.

The pressure and mum-guilt are gone and I'm loving the life we have now. We can still go on adventures, but it's on our schedule now.

That's why I do it.


"Always take time to live your dreams."

I'm all about

Living my dreams, being available for school events, strong morning coffee, laughing with friends, adventures and sunny days. 

I'm not about

Early mornings, working time for money, 60hr work weeks, a world without tech - I'd miss trying out the new 'shiny' app. 


The perfect 



  • You didn't grow up with tech, or haven't been involved with it too much over the years. You know enough to read emails, but not really sure how to setup your own business emails, website, and business processes to work for you.
  • You are either starting an online business, or want to automate and streamline your exisiting business - less manual data entry is for you! I personally, hate data entry. If I can automate a process I will and do.
  • You are now sure where to start, but want to be more Tech Confident. What is 'The Cloud' and which browser should I use - are both unknowns and you don't like not knowing. 
  • If you Want to Learn - You Will!  Cool, I'll get you Tech Confident in no time.

Here's how I can help

Imagine dramatically reducing all the daily frustration with manual data entry, or not knowing which tech tools is best for your particular business process(s).

Check out my courses, mini tutorials and templates for a solution that suits you.


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