Aeon Timeline version 3 is coming

Have you heard?   Aeon Timeline 3 is due for release early 2021.

That’s the word from Aeon Timeline themselves and I can’t wait!

Just look at the list of features they are adding.  This is a huge upgrade that will add a whole new dimension to our workflow processes.  I for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this upgrade to see if I can streamline my current process and reduce the number of tools I use.


It has been redesigned from scratch with a sleeker interface, new view types, faster workflows, and greater flexibility across the board.

Amongst hundreds of new features, we have added:

  • A new Spreadsheet View for rapid data entry
  • A new Narrative View to track a narrative structure independent of date order
  • New Mindmap and Subway Views offer new brainstorming and visualisation options
  • A clean new interface featuring Split Views and a better integration of existing elements such as Entity Lists, Search and Filter
  • More flexible workflows: if you don’t want to think about dates initially, then don’t! Just create events without them.
  • Better dependencies and constraints that don’t automatically tie events to exact dates and offsets
  • A wider variety of starting templates that include many more relationship options (including event-to-event and person-to-person relationships)
  • Syncing with Scrivener and Ulysses is more automated and encompasses your entire narrative structure.
  • And much, much more than we can list right now…

Matt from Aeon Timeline

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Photo by Dmitry Shamis on Unsplash

My online course: Learn Aeon Timeline 2 is now out of date and no longer available for purchase, but if you are keen to learn all the great features and more that Matt from Aeon Timeline has listed above, you may want to check out my Pre-Order special for my new course: Learn Aeon Timeline 3 which will be released shortly after the newest version of the software is released by Aeon Timeline.

All I know is this will be early 2021, and we are in this part of the year now – so it hopefully won’t be too long a wait.

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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