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Yes! I want to Scale & Automate

Hey there, I'm Kylie


Getting started with Tech can be very confusing, scary and you just don't want to tackle it.

I Get It!

I truly do, but with my help I'll step you through the terminology and what you need for now to get you a little more automated and Tech Confident.

I've been translating tech for hundreds of users across multiple countries, business size, industry and software for the past 30 years. One thing they all had in common is the desire to learn.

If you WANT to LEARN you WILL!


Do you want to AUTOMATE & SCALE?

Understanding the tech side of your business is crucial to being able to add more value to your business and scale with ease. Adding simple automations can make a huge improvement in the time you save yourself (and your team) each week.

Yes! I Want to Automate & Scale my Business

Being Tech Savvy - will save you time and money

A lot of the questions I get asked every time I'm helping a new customer get started with tech or a piece of software are not overly difficult to understand. In fact a lot of them are quite basic - if you know the answer.

We all had to learn to walk, and talk, and write. Tech is no different.  If you don't learn the basics how do you expect to master the complicated parts.

Learning the basics with build your Tech Confidence and once you know how to learn tech, you will be unstoppable!




How it Works

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Book the Automate to Scale package and once logged in to your personal coaching portal you can book your sessions.

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Zoom no. 1

From your personal coaching portal you can join this zoom session.

Discuss your pain points with Kylie.

We'll discuss options and next steps and then Kylie will create a suggested solution for you.


Zoom no. 2

Kylie will present you with examples of her suggested solution to your pain points raised in your first session.

This is a time for questions and finalising your next steps.



Zooom no. 3

Your finalised solution will now be available for you and Kylie will handover the 'keys' so to speak.

Think of this as a mini training session. 

Package Complete

USD $600 Balance Paid

All zoom sessions are recorded and uploaded to your personal coaching portal for future viewing

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