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Best New Creative Tool in my Tech Toolkit is Milanote

If you haven’t heard of Milanote yet, I highly suggest you check it out.

Milanote is perfect for Creatives as it lets you organise your ideas and projects visually.  How many times have you wanted to see your images relating to an idea and not been able to mix the plan or the text with the image.  Now you can.

I’ve been using it for my whole creative life.  As some of you will know I wear many hats and keeping all my creative streams organised has been my biggest challenge this year.  I  was using project software, and then timeline software and then writing software and To Do software and a load of other apps that all combine to make my workflow and it was just getting messy.  I was avoiding actioning some tasks because it was confusing as to which app or order of apps I’d use to create that piece of content.

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Milanote iPhone and Desktop

I have a Podcast, a Website with a Blog, Online Courses, I also have a nom de plume as a Romance Writer (and the website and apps to go with writing to self-publish).  In addition to this I’m helping my mother with her writing career and getting her books (yes, books plural) edited, formatted and published.  Then I have my day to day life as a solo mum with a super energetic kidlet and two fur babies who love to play.

You get the idea – I’m busy, and it’s no different to you I imagine.  We all wear different hats and trying to keep it all together without it becoming a disorganised mess is hard.

Milanote Board Example

Which is why I’m sharing about my find in Milanote.   I’m now using it as my Creative Hub.  I can add any type of information I like and best of all I can see all the different types on the same page, or easily link to it from that page.

The concept is simple and brilliant. You can create a page which can contain Boards, Columns, Notes, Links, Text, Images and Files.  A board is a link to it’s own page where you can have the same options.

Currently I don’t share my boards, but you can –  both publicly and to a specific person.  How brilliant is that when you are working with clients and you want to share your Vision board for them, or tasks, notes and files?  The uses are pretty endless and their site has a load of great examples of how other creatives use Milanote. Plus the app comes with loads of templates to get you started.

They have a free option which limits you to 100 notes, images and links. This is perfect to check it out and see how it can work for you.  If you like it the pricing starts at US $9.99 per month and trust me when you understand how this app will transform your life you will happily pay for it.

If you currently use Milanote or do go and check it out, please drop me a comment on how you use it and what you think.

It’s been a game changer for me –  I’d love to know if it works for you too?

Milanote Hero Board
Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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