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podcast Mar 16, 2020



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How much 'busy work' is too much?  When do you stop and look for a more automated solution?  Where do you start to look for an automated solution?  What Tech do you need?

In this episode I take you through some ideas and options for removing the 'busy work' from you workflow.

Learning which Tech to use and how can be very confusing, but my main message is always "If you want to learn - you will!"

Show Notes

  1. Welcome
  2. Remove the 'Busy Work' and Get Writing
  3. You Must Write on a Mac to be a 'Good' Writer (Umm, Not True)
  4. As Long as you have the Desire to Learn - You Will
  5. Best Writers are using Scrivener
  6. Do You Need a Timeline for you Novel (Aeon Timeline)
  7. Workflow for Writers

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Resources and Links mentioned in this episode:


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