Automate with Integromat and Save Yourself Hours

activecampaign automation integromat quickbooks Jul 03, 2021

I recommend you automate with Integromat, or another integration tool, and save yourself hours each month.

Integromat is my chosen integration tool

Automating my sales for each online course I sell, from my website, with Integromat I estimate is currently saving me hours of ‘busy work’ per week.

How I use Integromat

When a sale is completed on my website the automation kicks off this is how it works:

  1. Scenario Trigger
    1. WooCommerce records an Order and once payment is successful the order status changes to Complete
  2. Scenario Automations
    1. A new Contact is added to my ActiveCampaign list
      1. if they are an existing contact they will be updated
      2. A Tag of STUDENT is added to the contact (unless they are an existing student of my courses) and then this step will be ignored)
      3. Another Tag of the Course or Digital Product Name will then be added
        1. for example if the Creatives Tech Toolkit – ClickUp template was purchased the tag added will be CREATIVES TECH TOOLKIT –  CLICKUP TEMPLATE
      4. These actions then allow me to segment my lists easily without additional effort and I use these tags for targeted email sequences depending on the course they are in, are they a student for all courses they are in, or are they only a subscriber to my newsletter. Adding tags during the Contact onboarding saves hours later trying to work out who to send to.
    2. A new Customer is created in Quickbooks Online (my financial software)
      1. if  they are an existing customer this step is ignored
      2. a Sales Receipt transaction is entered against the customer so all my financial recording for the Sale has been processed.

Other Pieces of the Puzzle

Outside of this automation is the payment being processed actions.

  • I have linked WooCommerce with my Paypal and Stripe accounts so the payments are made straight to whichever payment type the purchase has chosen.
  • Quickbooks Online allows for linking your various bank accounts and you can link Paypal and Stripe so they import your transactions to your bank accounts.
  • So all the financial transactions are included in automations and all I have to do then is reconcile the bank account at month end.  Although I’m trying to get myself into the habit of actioning this weekly so it’s not a big amount of time at month end

So that’s how I automate with Integromat and save myself hours each month.

How automated is your business?

Do you have automations to update your contacts and financial transactions?

Drop me your answer in the comments.

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