A Quick Automation add an Email to a SmartSuite To Do list

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From either personal or business email I often need to action items and my current project management tech tool is SmartSuite. I’m really liking the way it looks and works compared to ClickUp, but that’s another review coming soon as I’m still not sure if I’ll leave ClickUp or stay (as that has been my project management tech tool for a year now). More to come on this topic.

Back to email and action items!

I need a simple and quick way to get an email that I’ve received to appear in a To Do list with all the email info and the ability to schedule when I’ll action it. Without me having to spend time or more than a click or 2 to achieve this.

I like using Make.com as my integrator. If this term is new to you, an Integrator is simple a tool used to join other tools together. It creates an automation for data and/or files to flow from 1 app to another.

I'm using make.com to look at my emails and if it's in a certain folder or has a certain tag it will then create a new task in a particular place in SmartSuite.

So this is what it looks like for me:

Make.com Scenario (aka workflow).

1. If an email in Apple Mail is dragged to my work folder: To Action the make.com scenario will watch for this and then create a new record in SmartSuite.
1. essentially I can action this from Gmail as adding a Label to the email, or,
2. in apple mail I drag the email to the folder this Label created called To Action.

In SmartSuite terminology I have a solution called TSC - Main List and within this I have an app called Email to Action. This is where all emails I want to take some action on appear.

The Title field and the Subject field are initially populated with the same email subject values, and then I change the Title field to the action name I want to do for this email. I also change the Due Date (initially this is the email received date).

If you’d like to create this yourself you can watch more on my YouTube channel and you can make this your own using whichever To Do app you use that is active within Make.com


What are you using for your email - to action workflow?

is it working for you?


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