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Client Dashboards with ClickUp, my all-in-one-app

clickup dashboards Jun 29, 2021

ClickUp, for me, is the all-in-one-app.  Today I’m discussing how using ClickUp for my Client Dashboards saves me time and effort but still keeping myself on target and letting my clients know their project progress as they  view their own private dashboard.

Managing your clients journey with you and having an efficient and easy to read ‘hub’ or ‘dashboard’ with all the things they need is tricky.  ClickUp is my choice for my Client Dashboard and in the video below I show you how it streamlines our projects.

In addition to the Dashboard you will see in the above video I have a few different lists.

  1. Account Balances
  2. Support Tickets
  3. Project lists

These lists are then available in the dashboard view.