Create PDF's with Canva quickly and easily

tech tip May 02, 2023

Create PDF's with Canva

Creating PDF's for your online course or a lead magnet, or more, can be as simple as using a Canva template and making it your own in minutes.

In this Tech Tip I give you a quick overview on how I use a Canva template to create a PDF download I then add to one of my mini tutorials over at Tech Savvy Creatives.


Find the Tech Tools I talk about in this Video

⭐ This is a solution I'm currently using and perfecting the more I learn about SmartSuite and how it can make my life simpler in my business.

🌟 Want to try any of these tools for yourself?


Interested in the Mini Tutorial I discussed in this Tech Tip?

Automate Kajabi Stripe Sales into Xero


- which can be used with any ecommerce solution using Stripe as the payment gateway

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Create PDF's with Canva quickly and easily

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