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Embracing Tech as a Solo Entrepreneur

productivity techtoolkit May 26, 2024
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As someone who runs their own business, I've learned that staying on top of the latest tech tools is crucial. Software changes quickly—new features are added, while others become obsolete. Regularly reviewing the tools you use can save you money on subscriptions and help streamline your workflow.

 In the past, we needed multiple apps because each did just one thing well. Now, a single app often has many useful features, which means you might be able to replace several tools with one that's evolved.

 A Word of Caution: Don't rush to use a new feature just because it's available. Test it thoroughly to ensure it's reliable for your needs.

 For instance, I adore Descript for transcription, video recording, and editing. As I plan to introduce guests in my podcast's next season, Descript's integration with seemed perfect for easy guest interviews. However, after testing, I found the process for guests was less than ideal—the upload took hours and had glitches. It's important to me that my guests have a good experience, so I'm hesitant about this feature, despite loving Descript overall.


My Current Tech Stack

  •  Planning & Productivity: ClickUp, Whimsical
  • Content Creation: Snagit, ClickUp, Camtasia, Descript

  • Editing & Formatting: Camtasia, Descript, Canva, Snagit

  • Email & Communication: Google Workspace, Kajabi, iCloud Mail

  • Marketing & Analytics: Kajabi, Funnelytics, WiseStamp, Canva Calendar, Google Analytics

  • Finance, eCommerce & Reporting: Kajabi, Stripe, Xero, Make, ClickUp, Microsoft Excel

  • Websites & Hosting: Squarespace, Kajabi

  • File Storage: iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive

  • Automations: Make, Zapier

Over the coming weeks, I'll explore each category in my Tech Toolkit and share how and why I use these tools in my business.


Today's Focus: Planning & Productivity


ClickUp isn't just for managing projects; it's the core of my daily operations. With its customizable templates and features, it helps me track tasks, projects, and deadlines. The views and Dashboards are game-changers, providing a holistic view of all my due dates. As a solo operator, ClickUp helps me manage everything without dropping the ball.


You'll notice ClickUp appears in several categories in my toolkit—that's how versatile and essential it is.

Affiliate Note: I'm a ClickUp affiliate, so if you're interested in trying it for free, you can use my link. Also, check out my custom ClickUp templates on my Tech Savvy Creatives website.

For productivity, ClickUp offers various views like lists, boards, tables, gantt charts, timelines, documents, calendars, and more. While I don't use every feature (like Whiteboard and Mind Maps), it's great to have options.



For brainstorming and mind mapping, I turn to Whimsical. Its Flowcharts, Wireframes, and Mind Maps are intuitive and effective for planning customer journeys, funnel mapping, email sequences, and more. Although I'm not affiliated with Whimsical, I highly recommend it for its ease of use and integration with other tools.


The flowcharts are great for Customer Journey's, Funnel mapping and Email Sequences. Being able to visually see the journey a potential buyer, or an existing customer will make is key to knowing what collateral I need available and when it is required. This then leads me to the tech on how to actually create it and deliver it.



These are not for my everyday, but I am in the process of learning how to create a no-code web app. So mapping out how a user will view and use the app is crucial.

 I'm in the very early stages of this and will post more once I have some more experience and information to share.


Mind Maps

I have been a mind-mapper for years and years. Back in the day (over 10 years ago let's say), the tech was very singular in that you just had 1 or 2 choices of good mind mapping software for whichever device you used (Mac or Windows) and it wasn't cheap.

These days, there are quite a few similar web apps with mulitple features and integrations to link to your productivity tools that we are spoilt for choice. I've tried many apps and I really resonate with Whimsical and the navigation and layout.

Quick note: I am not an affiliate for Whimsical - I just love the product.

I often will brainstorm a new funnel, email sequence, course overview, product launch and more. Basically the 1st step in my planning process after I have created the Folder and list in ClickUp is to create the mind map and/or flowchart in Whimsical.

Another bonus is that Whimsical boards can then be embedded into your ClickUp List so you can seamlessly move between the 2 apps.


What tools do you use for productivity and planning? Share your thoughts—I'm always eager to learn about new tools.


Kylie Ross is a seasoned 'Tech Translator', writer, and IT Consultant with a passion for making technology accessible to everyone. With an adventurous spirit, Kylie has explored the world, living in places like Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, and various states along Australia's East Coast. Now happily based back in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Kylie loves connecting with others and invites you to become part of her Free Community and News at Tech Savvy Creatives. Join her as she demystifies the digital world, one post at a time.


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