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Exploring Social Media Marketing Tech Tools

canva clickup social media sharing Feb 25, 2024


Episode Overview

Join host Kylie Ross on "Exploring Social Media Marketing Tech Tools," a practical and insightful episode of the Confident with Tech podcast. 
Listeners will gain valuable insights as Kylie explains how she organizes her content calendar using ClickUp, her favourite project management tool. She also introduces Canva as her go-to resource for creating compelling images and discusses its integrated content calendar feature.
Kylie encourages listeners to assess the tech tools they already use and consider integrating them into their social media processes to save time and money. Starting simple, especially when beginning your journey in social media marketing, and stresses the importance of choosing tech that aligns with your workflow and cognitive preferences.
Tune in to "Exploring Social Media Marketing Tech Tools" for actionable advice on streamlining your social media efforts without letting technology overwhelm you. Subscribe and leave a review if you find this episode beneficial, and stay tuned for more tech empowerment from Kylie Ross on the Confident with Tech podcast!

What You'll Learn
  • Options for Social Media Marketing as a beginner
  • Using your existing tech tools may be all you need


Tools Mentioned

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