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Funnelytics is my New Favourite Toy

Jan 22, 2021

Now, I’m proud to say I’m a founding member of Funnelytics having purchased it at it’s 1st ever launch.  I’m embarrassed to say I’ve not really put it to good use until recently.

There are various reasons for this, but basically I could see the awesome power of the product having tried to understand Google Analytics and others and not really understood where I needed to fix my sales funnels just from looking at traffic numbers.  Putting in the time to learn analytics seemed a waste of my time back then.

So when I found Funnelytics I new it was going to solve my analytics drama’s because it’s just so easy to read and understand.  As you can see from the video, I’m able to see where users are looking at pages and where this then leads them to within my website.

It also shows where they came from and where they go after they leave my site, but I’ll discuss more about that in another post and video.