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Getting Started with Automations in your Business

automations podcast Jun 22, 2023



Automations to remove the Manual Data Entry 

I'm going to talk to you a little bit about automations and when's the right time to start thinking about when do you need an automation or when could you use an automation in your business? 

You're either creating an online course or a podcast or coaching. Whatever it is you're trying to sell online, having automations to run your business is going to make your life a lot easier, and it's not going to be hugely expensive to get started with either (at least it doesn't need to be).


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Hey there! Welcome to another episode of The Confident with Tech podcast. I'm Kylie Ross, and today I want to talk to you about automations and when it's the right time to start incorporating them into your business. As a solopreneur, I understand the value of finding easier and quicker ways to streamline tasks and avoid time-consuming data entry. Automations have become an integral part of my business, from managing invoices and emails to content scheduling and financial analysis.

Getting Started with Automations: If you're someone who finds tech intimidating, especially if you didn't grow up with it, I'm here to help. Whether you're in your fifties, starting a side hustle, or launching a new business after a life transition, automations can make your entrepreneurial journey easier without breaking the bank. The key is to determine what you need and find cost-effective solutions that align with your business goals.

Assessing Your Tech Stack

To begin, take inventory of your current software and tools. I started by listing all the software I was using, which amounted to over 120 different pieces. I categorized them based on payment frequency and identified which ones I was still actively using. This exercise allowed me to pinpoint redundancies and areas where I could consolidate.

Transitioning to All-in-One Platforms

As a solopreneur, I was tired of managing different plugins and platforms for various business functions. So, I decided to explore all-in-one solutions. After careful consideration, I fell in love with Kajabi—a reliable and secure platform for my online courses, coaching, and community. While it may be slightly more expensive than piecing together multiple plugins, the benefits and ease of use outweighed the cost. Consolidating my tech stack eliminated unnecessary complexity and enhanced the overall experience for my students.

Streamlining Content Creation

Next, I focused on optimizing my content creation process. I researched and discovered tools like Camtasia for recording professional videos, Descript for transcribing and captioning videos, and Audiate for efficient video editing. By integrating these tools, I simplified my workflow and achieved higher-quality content.

Automation Examples

Automation isn't just about individual tools; it's about connecting different software and processes. For instance, I set up my email system to automatically convert important emails into action items by dragging them into an inbox called "email to action." Using tools like and SmartSuite, I created a to-do list based on those emails, allowing me to prioritize tasks effectively. Additionally, integrating Kajabi with my calendar ensured that bookings for coaching programs would update my schedule automatically, streamlining my time management.


Knowing when to start with automations depends on your business needs and goals. By evaluating your tech stack, transitioning to all-in-one platforms, and streamlining content creation, you can leverage automations to simplify your operations and focus on what matters most—growing your business and serving your customers.

Remember, automation doesn't have to be daunting. Embrace the power of technology and explore the possibilities it offers to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother and more efficient.




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