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Goodbye Busy Hello Happy

Aug 23, 2022
Goodbye Busy Hello Happy Kylie Ross

As a writer, earlier this year I was chosen to write a chapter for an anthology called Goodbye Busy Hello Happy.

Together with an awesome group of other authors we have created a book that takes you through our journeys for both our business and personal lives where we go from busy to happy. We discuss how we did it and how we maintain it, and how you can too.

The official book launch is happening early September 2022 for both eBook and paperback versions.

You can PRE-ORDER via my website: to receive:

  • a signed (by me) paperback copy of Goodbye Busy Hello Happy with delivery from October 2022
  • PLUS as a thank you for purchasing I'll send you my Tech Toolkit template - for ClickUp.

Goodbye Busy Hello Happy

Life today is busier than it ever has been before, pings and notifications distract us every moment. Work doesn't finish at 5pm. Emails, social media and text messages happen around the clock.
Somehow, we've become more technologically advanced with automations to help us save time in every area of life yet instead of giving us back our time, our days seem to be busier and busier.
Filled with uplifting and inspiring stories that inspire us to remember our dreams and the vision for our life and remind us that despite the challenges, there is always a chance to change your life and find more room for joy.
This book guides you to break the cycle of busy and fall back in love with the joy of finding time for yourself instead, led by people who know how to navigate the way, leaders in the field as industry experts together with those who have lived experience of saying goodbye busy and hello happy.


Kylie Ross is a co-author of Goodbye Busy Hello Happy, along with many other women co-authors with expert knowledge in the field or lived experience.

Leanne Murner 5 Little bears | Katy Garner AusMumpreneur | Merendi Leverett Authentic Healthpreneurs | Angela Fragiacomo Conscious Living Hub | Danni Vee Danni Vee | Monica Devanand Dr Monica D R - Life & Transformatiton Coach, Author, Speaker | Amanda Thompson Endurance Financial | Gloria Tabi EVERYDAY INCLUSION | Fleur Chambers The Happy Habit App | Krystal Seang Krystal Seang | Bee Lim Mind Health Collective | Chantal Burling Mindful Mumma Designs | Fiona Luca Move with Fiona Luca/Taking Youth | Tina Bangel One Voice School of Singing | Lesley Webster Pops by Launch | Margaret Foley Queen of my Own Universe | Anuueta Madison Vanderbuilt Self Made AU | Zhanna Gee Slim By Nature | Olivia Ong The Heart-Centered Doctor | Denise Schelbergen The Ikigai Entrepreneur | Amy Kennedy The Organising Bee | Peace Mitchell The Women's Business School | Jo Stevens The Zen Zone | Bianca Stawiarski Warida Wholistic Wellness 

Published by The Women Changing the World Press and KMD Books.

Pre-order your copy today


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