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How to access the FREE Community here at Tech Savvy Creatives

free community free resources May 11, 2024

After feedback from others and my own experiences, I wanted to leave the Facebook Group option for my members and have something more user friendly with less last minute changes.

You can join the FREE Community here on Tech Savvy Creatives and access via the web straight from your Members Hub or via the Tech Savvy Creatives app (coming very soon).

How to Access the Community

  1. Join the Free Tech Savvy Community
  2. Create an Account to login to the community
    1. you'll be taken directly to your Members Hub
    2. if you have any other courses, digital products or coaching session you will also see them here if you signed up for the community with the same email.
    3. I recommend you joining and purchasing with the same email to have a great user experience inside your Members Hub.
  3. Select to Step Inside
  4. View the Community Hub


How to Engage in the Community

This is the fun part.

Check out the Tech Tips, Q&A's and if you are keen tell us about your wins in the Celebrate Your Wins group.

Let's make this a fun place to be more Tech Savvy!



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How to access the FREE Community here at Tech Savvy Creatives

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