Organise your Tech Tools with the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template

clickup techtoolkit Jan 25, 2022
ClickUp Tech Toolkit template
How are you organising and keeping track of all the Tech Tools you use in your business? Or are you not keeping track!
It's really easy to keep paying for subscriptions of new 'shiny' tech and then maybe not using it fully, or forgetting it's there.  
Learn more in the YouTube video about how it looks and hopefully it will get you organised and another To Do ticked off your list - "Organise my Tech Tools".

The ClickUp Tech Toolkit template

I created this template after looking at many, many other options for collating all the information about the tech tools I used, no longer used, or trialled.  A spreadsheet just was't perfect because when I wanted to make changes or view the data with different filters, it didn't always play nice, and unless you know excel backwards (which I do), it just wasn't a good fit.

I wanted something I could share for users that are not tech savvy and wanted to view their toolkit easily and multiple different ways, depending on what part of their business they are working on today.



Want to learn more about ClickUp?

ClickUp is that app that does it all.  I searched for years wanting one tool to manage my To Do list, show me a holistic view of my business and help me project manage my product launches easily.

ClickUp is that tool.

They have a free-forever plan and you can use the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template on the free plan for as log as you need.

I also have a few more ClickUp video's over on my YouTube channel:  Tech Savvy Creatives if you want to watch more.


I want this Template

Awesome, you can learn more and purchase here:


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