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meeting app ring central Aug 08, 2021

Working from Home I use Ring Central as my Free Online Meeting app of choice. It’s more important than every to have the tech tools to support this and looking at the range on offer my preference for reliability and price is definitely Ring Central.

Ring Central is my chosen Online Meeting tool

In the early days of March and April 2020 we were all using Zoom as the popular choice for online meetings and communicating from our lock downs with family and friends.


How I use Ring Central

The most obvious is to have an online meeting. Here are ways I use Ring Central:

  1. Online Meeting – prep for Podcast Interviewees
    1. It’s great to have an un-recorded chat before the Podcast Interview time to get to know each other and create a greater rapport for the the actual interview.
  2. Client One-on-One’s
    1. With a scheduled Ring Central meeting link sent to the meeting attendee(s) we then meet virtually at the agreed time
    2. Depending on the purpose of the session I can:
      1. Present by sharing my screen and walking through an other app on my screen
      2. Have the client share their screen and I can assist with troubleshooting their issue
      3. Record a training session either live or myself and then share later
  3. Chat with Current Clients
    1. If an online video isn’t necessary we can chat via Ring Central
    2. All you need is their email address and for the client to setup a Free Account
      1. They can then use Ring Central as a web app, or download the app to any (or all)of their devices 
      2. it’s quick, efficient and easy
      3. you can show if you are available for chat, or not to be disturbed with your profile status, so you can ensure you are not expected to answer immediately

Ring Central Video is Free Forever

I don’t want have to pay the earth for it if I’m starting up. So I was very surprised when I found Ring Central was free forever for their Ring Central Video product. You can use it to message those one your contact list, have video meetings, and even share your screen, record your meetings and more. The best part that really has me hooked is there is not time limit on the free option with the length of your video meeting.

You can chat and record all day if you want to.

Adding the option to make online phone calls will be an upgrade to a paid plan, but I’ve found I can achieve all I need to do with the free option for now.

I highly recommend you check out the free option of ring Central and see if it works you.

It’s an easy way to collaborate with anyone anywhere on any device – all you need an internet connection and the platform is free forever.

Let me know what you think and if this product works for you?

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