Simple Automations to save Time & Effort - Daily!

automations podcast Jun 05, 2023

Let’s chat about how easy it is to get started with Automations that can help you scale your business.

I recommend setting any automation up before you have scaled to allow you to ‘tweak’ your process before you really need it.

In this episode:

I’ll discuss 3 simple automations to help you save time in your daily processes:

1. Send an Email from your inbox to a SmartSuite To Do action item
2. Send a Calendar booking from your Google calendar to a SmartSuite To Do action item
3. Create an invoice in Xero from a sale made in Kajabi and collected via Stripe

All these automations have in common is Make as the integration tool.

Tech Tools from the automations discussed in this episode:

Automate Stripe Sales into Xero

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