Syncing Calendly Bookings to ClickUp

automation calendly clickup integration integromat Sep 18, 2021

With ClickUp as my main Project Management tool I want all my requests for appointments with me to be as automated as possible. This is why I been Syncing Calendly Bookings to ClickUp.

If you have not heard of some, or all of these Tech Tools, let me give you a quick overview of the tools I’m using:

The process will be syncing Calendly Bookings to ClickUp via Integromat

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a booking tool you can use to allow clients to book time with you based on your availability. Having synced your calendar Calendly will then only allow bookings within the times you allow that have not yet been booked and added to your calendar.

Syncing Calendly Bookings to ClickUp

You can Learn more about Calendly here

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is the one app to replace them all by allowing you to have all your work in the one place. Tasks, documents, chat, email, dashboards, goals and more.
ClickUp is my project management tool of choice and I’m a solid convert and affiliate for their app.

ClickUp Board View
ClickUp List View
ClickUp Workflow View

I’ve written quite a bit about why I chose ClickUp in these posts:

You can Learn more about ClickUp here

What is Integromat?

Integromat allows you to join Tech Tools (applications) together for the purpose of sharing data.

For example, you may have your website sales made one WordPress with WooCommerce. You can use Integromat to sync you orders with Quickbooks, Xero or another accounting software to create your customer and add their sales receipt automatically for you.

In addition to this you could use that same WooCommerce order to add a contact to your email list in ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit or MailChimp and more.

You can Learn more about Integromat here

Syncing Calendly Bookings to ClickUp

The scenario I have created in Integromat I created from an existing Integromat template. It’s quite easy to search their templates list for all the tech tools they currently have templates for.

Of course, if there is no template, you can still create your own scenario as long as the apps will talk to each other, but that is a post for another day. Today we are discussing Calendly and ClickUp and how I add my Calendly bookings as appointments directly into ClickUp.

Sync Checklist

Having existing accounts with Calendly, ClickUp and Integromat are a must for this scenario to be created and events to sync.

  1. Create the Scenario in Integromat to “Create ClickUp tasks for new Calendly invitee(img)
  2. Choose to create scenario from template
  3. Follow the prompts to join your Calendly account which will create the WebHook
  4. Then add all the ClickUp fields to create your task.
  5. Note down all the Event Types and their unique ID if you want to create the Booking type in a custom field on your appointment task
    • you can check out the video for tips on exactly how to action this
  6. Save your scenario

Now it’s all ready to test.
Simply create a booking for yourself with any information you need and watch the integration work in Integromat. Then you should see a new task in ClickUp.

Links to all the tools I’ve mentioned in this post:

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