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Organise Your Tech Toolkit


Also known as a Tech Stack, App List, Software or Applications - create your toolkit today.

Know which tools you use for which workflow processes.

List them all and know your monthly expenses and how you split that across all the processes you use.

Yes Please! Let's Do This!

We all work with tech these days and have a range of apps and software that are our Tech Tools (aka Tech Stack or Tech Toolkit).


Get Organised?

Why not organise those tools and understand what you use them for, and how much they are costing you on a recurring basis.

PLUS much more...

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How it Works

  • List all your Tech Tools
  • Record what you pay, or don't pay, for them
  • List your Workflow Processes and link which tech tools you use in each
  • Analyse your expenses, then analyses tool features to see if you could streamline your processes by streamlining your tools

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Understand where you use all your tools.


Streamline your Processes.


Feel confident with your Checklists, Workflows and Processes!


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