Did you know I have a Podcast?

Hey and Welcome to my little spot on the web.  The Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast will help you become more Tech Savvy on your journey as a creative.  With a special focus for the Writers, Authors and Bloggers amongst you.

Starting out on your journey with all the tech can be really daunting and cause a lot of frustration and procrastination, especially if you are not a millennial. Which I am not!

Each show I’ll explain various tech terms you may not understand, like what really is The Cloud everyone talks about? Plus discuss popular apps, review them and explain how they could be incorporated into your existing workflow.

Because I also like to make video’s and I’ll also show you how to use these apps with video demonstrations, quick tips and demonstrate how you could use apps with other apps you already have.

Why re-invent the wheel for the next ‘shiny’ thing that will make you write the best novel ever if it doesn’t work in your workflow process for your writing or blogging style and you don’t know how it works out of the box?

You can find the Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast on your favourite player – check out the quick links below.

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