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Knowing where to even get started can be the biggest hurdle to earning money online.  Especially if you didn't grow up with Tech and are, like me, in an older season of your life.



Have a look at the resources below (most of them are free) to get a flavour of where your starting point is, and what your next steps could be.

Find Tech Tools

Grab my FREE resource which lists loads of Tech Tools that could be useful to your Tech Toolkit (aka Tech Stack).

YouTube Channel

You can watch some Tech Savvy Basics if you are just getting started, and for the more advanced specific Tech Tools use cases and reviews.

Podcast & Blog Posts

Listen to the Confident with Tech podcast for tips and tools for various online businesses. (listen on your favourite podcast app)

Plus check out the Tech Tips blog for more resources, reviews and tips.

Goodbye Busy Hello Happy

A lot of the Entrepreneur lifestyle is realising that you don't need to hustle every waking hour. If you work smarter and not harder, it's way more enjoyable.

In this book I'm 1 of 24 authors who talk about our journey from busy to happy in the hopes others learn from our mistakes and realise it's possible to be happy and not just 'busy'.

Organise your Tech Toolkit -  Today!

Knowing what tools you have and what they do is essential to running your business in todays world.
This template helps you organise which you are paying for, how much, when and then helps you to analyse what your are using them form.
Quite often tools evolve and you may find you only need 1 tool to replace 5, or the other way around!
Checkout the template and get your Tech Toolkit setup.
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with Kajabi


As you can tell from my Tech Tips and Product Offers I am a huge fan of Kajabi.

This whole website and email marketing is made and managed on Kajabi.

If you are interested you can check out a Free Trial, or if you have Kajabi, check out some of the tools I created to help you build your site and start with automations.



Kajabi Free Trials & Offers

Kajabi Project Plan

Create Your Digital Business with Kajabi online course

Automate Kajabi Stripe Sales into Xero

If You Want To Learn - You Will!

It doesn't matter when or where you start your entrepreneur journey -- If YOU want to learn - YOU will!
I've worked with and trained hundreds of users from various industries, countries and job levels and it's always the same. Most don't like change, but those that embrace it really grow and enjoy the experience.

Create Your Digital Business with Kajabi

I'm about to launch the step-by-step online course on building your Kajabi site from scratch.

It accompanies the Project Plan for the Create Your Digital Business that is already live and selling and changing lives.

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