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You have Kajabi and love all the features - BUT the tech has Overwhelmed you!

Where do you start?


Unsure of Next Steps?


  • You need a list of actions in the order you should do them.

  • You want to know HOW to do each action item.

  • A Project Plan will save you hours, if not days of your life, because it has the answers for you.

  • All businesses need to setup a Course, or Coaching (ie, something to sell) and then sell it.

  • The Project Plan is flexible so you can pick the items that suit you. You don't have to do it all!

Imagine if...

  • You knew¬†what to do - and when.

  • You had a¬†time frame of how long it could take to complete your Kajabi build.

  • You could finally¬†get started knowing what you are working on today.

  • You didn't have to scroll through endless videos to figure out your next steps.

What if it was all done for you - with the included Project Plan it IS, all done for you.

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This is the beginning of having an EFFICIENT and EASY to use ONLINE COURSE and PROJECT PLAN to build and then manage your launch for your Digital Business with the Kajabi platform.


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Tutorials to walk you through downloading your Project Plan and How to Make it Your Own.

There are also some tips for navigating the views in ClickUp and other features if you are new to this project management tool.

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Project Plan

A complete checklist of action items, with due dates you can set to suit your time frame and business.

Use it save all your site specific details and have a single source of truth.

Choose your version: Made with ClickUp or SmartSuite.

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Each Masterclass can be access live inside the Tech Savvy Communty or watch the recording in your own time.

Stay up to date and on time with current issues, questions and features.

Getting Started with Kajabi + Project Plan

online course with all the main actions to get you started wtih Kajabi PLUS the details actions inside the Project Plan

$57.00 USD

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Get Started with Kajabi

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