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How to Use Aeon Timeline to Quickly Plot Your Next Book

Last year I wrote about how you can use Scapple to quickly plot your next book and a lot of you liked the idea.

My Favourite Plotting Tool

Now for those who are looking for something more feature rich, including an option to sync your plot directly into Scrivener or Ulysses, I suggest you check out Aeon Timeline.
This is my favourite plotting and planning tool and the one I use to plot not only my fiction, but also my blogging content schedules.

Aeon Timeline was developed by a writer who couldn’t find a user friendly plotting tool for writers. So from a discussion with other writers Aeon Timeline was created.

In my video above, I give you a quick demonstration on what the software allows you to achieve much faster than hand writing onto Post-it notes.

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Overview of Features:

  • Brainstorm your Chapters/Scenes directly into the timeline
  • Easily create Relationships between scenes, characters, story arcs, locations and any other way you’d like to tag your story scene
  • Create your own Custom Fantasy calendar
  • Drag and Drop scenes into the order that suits you best, as often as you change your mind
  • Add images, web links, notes and research to your scenes
  • Add bookmarks to longer timelines to allow you to jump between events such as the backstory and current scenes quickly
  • Automatically calculate your characters ages to show at any point in your timeline, to help you keep track of them
  • Use the Relationship View to visually check your timeline for plot-holes or inconsistencies

If You Need Aeon Timeline In Your Life

Pop on over the [Aeon Timeline] and choose the version that suits you. It is available for MacOS, Windows and iOS (iPad)
At the time of writing this post you can grab a FREE TRIAL of Aeon Timeline to take it for a test run.

I am not affiliated with this product and do not receive any remuneration if you choose to purchase. I only recommend what I use, and this product is worth the purchase.

If you have any questions about Aeon Timeline you may want to check out my online course: Learn Aeon Timeline and really master the app.

Happy Plotting and Happy Writing!

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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