How to Use Evernote for Bloggers

As a Blogger just starting out it can be confusing how to mange your creation workflow.  This post is one example where Evernote can be your workflow solution.

As a blogger you can brainstorm, research, and write your posts all in one application and then copy/paste into your online blog of choice and take snippets for your favourite social media platforms.

Evernote has the option for free and paid plans and if you’ve never used it before I recommend starting with the basic free plan and testing it out.  What have you got to lose?

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Evernote Popular Features

It is wise to keep a copy of your Creative Content offline


I like to ensure all my creative content is stored where I can get to it anytime, all the time.  If you’ve been around the techie traps for as long as I have you are aware social platforms and online apps come and go, change their rules or you just can’t pay for the privilege of using it any longer — and there goes all your content.  While Evernote is a web application, it also has a desktop option and if I ever plan to stop using it (not likely after 7 years) I can export all my notes prior to closing my account.

So I feel very safe in the knowledge that my blog content is saved and safe in Evernote.

Evernote for Bloggers

How to use Evernote for Bloggers

If you’d like to test it out why not start with the Evernote Basic (which is FREE) and take it for a test drive.  This plan will give you everything you need, as a blogger, to get started.


If you are a blogger I’m interested to know what your workflow process is.  Do you use Evernote?

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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