How to use Trello for your To Do List

Using Trello can improve your productivity as you have a clear view of your To Do’s.

I’ve come from a background in corporate and working within various types of project methodologies which usually centre around Microsoft Project.  So using complex, team-focused project software is what I am used to.

Trello is were I started when I needed something for a 1 person team that fitted my startup budget (which was the FREE version).

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Trello Blog Content Board example

Using Reminders on my Mac was OK, but it’s not easy to view all the tasks in my life let alone just for the business. The same for Tasks in Outlook, it’s just a list and I really need something I can categorise, and easily view the status.

A couple of weeks ago, read a chat in one of the writing forum’s I follow, which mentioned and I have to admit I was sceptical. I’ve heard of it before but didn’t need it at the time, so didn’t pay much attention. I mean, why would I want a browser option and how could it possibly work for me. I decided to check it out and I haven’t looked back. This software suits my thought process perfectly for writing, blogging, website creation and course creation.

Planning your To-Do List with Trello

Trello is a very visual To-Do list which uses Boards to categorise your tasks. On each ‘Board’, you have ‘Lists’ and within each list you have ‘Cards’ – which represent your tasks, essentially your To-Do’s. Within each Card, you have options for Due Dates, Descriptions, and Colour labels, which are the main items I find I use all the time. There are other options and some are paid, but the essentials are free.

Trello Editorial Board example

For just one person you don’t need all the bells and whistles in the paid version. I’m finding they are more tailored for teams than a single author, writer or blogger. Inside a Card, I’ve created my own Checklist as an alternative to many List Headings across the width of a Board. The flexibility is really up to how you want to organise your thought and work process.

Using your To-Do List with Trello

Getting started with Trello is super simple. Navigate to and sign-up.

It’s free so no problem trying it out.  

Note: I am not affiliated with Trello in any way, I just like the product and thought you may too.

Once you are signed-in you can get started creating your first board. I love playing a bit with the background  – they have quite a large range of creative pics to choose. Although once you fill-up the board with cards you can’t really see the background, but that doesn’t stop me, I still like to make a board my own.

If you want some examples of how others are using Trello, they have a great Inspiration section on their website with loads of boards from many different categories, industries or task types.

So now you have a board (project) and some cards (tasks) you can start actioning them. As you change the status of the card you simply drag and drop it to the relevant list and change the status.

Trello Card view_Checklist

Why I Choose Trello for my To-Do Lists

Trello Weekly Newsletter Board example

While I’ve been using lists and tasks to manage my To-Do list for many years, the visual view and ease of dragging and dropping tasks are why I choose Trello for my To-Do lists. I am getting more tasks actioned by watching them visually moving through the lists on my boards than I have in ever using other traditional task lists. Especially my Blog Ideas and Content board. I’d been stuck for months and months on creating content and actually getting all the parts of a blog into a task, that I just wasn’t being productive. Now I can easily batch groups of tasks and not miss anything. Plus the visual aspect lets you see patterns so you can quickly add in another task if you’ve missed it.

If you haven’t tried Trello and are on the lookout for a better way to manage your To-Do list I highly recommend trying it out. After all, it’s free to try out and free to continue using if you don’t need any of the paid options. So for an Author, Writer and Blogger, I’m sure you will also find the Trello boards absolutely brilliant and help improve your productivity and efficiency.

Happy tasking!

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

Kylie translates tech for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Content Creators with tips, systems and automations to allow you to reclaim lost time, sell with ease and above all be Tech Confident!

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