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Learn to be Tech Confident

Install, Update and Manage your Tech ~

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Combine online courses, live coaching and an awesome community and remove all that Tech Frustration so you can grow and scale your business easily.














Tech Savvy Business Academy

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Start an Online Business, Podcast, Coaching Program
  • Grow your Existing Online Business by adding integrations, automations and create a streamlined workflow
  • Create funnels and be receiving income from your evergreen online courses

As an entrepreneur you need more than one (1) income stream these days to future proof your business. That's where understanding the tech that runs your business is crucial. You need automations to streamline your processes to allow you to scale and grow your empire.

What's Included In The Academy...


How to Get Started

I appreciate I'm trying to sell you a program that is all run online and uses tech.

Don't worry, the first video's are tips on how to get started with the tech I use in this course:

  • Use the Right Browser to watch the video's
  • How to use Zoom for online meetings (I use this app for the Live 1-1 Coaching Call)
  • How to download the checklists and workbooks for this course (eg. downloading PDDF files)
  • Tips to manage your progress through this course

6 Streams of Online Course Content

If you are starting a new online business as a side hustle, a new main income source, or want to add a new income stream to an existing business, there is something for every Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner and Content Creator (writers, bloggers and more):

  • Tech Tools and How to use for Content creation
  • Tech Tools and How to use for Online Course creation
  • Tech Tools and How to use for Writing, Formatting and Publishing your eBook
  • Tech Tools and How to use for creating and managing your own Website
  • Tech Tools and How to use for creating and managing your own Podcast
  • Tech Tools and How to use for Automating and Integrating your workflows and processes

All video tutorials are captioned, include transcripts and will demonstrate for Windows, Mac and iOS as applicable to the Tech Tool.


Bonus & Resources

As there are many actions necessary to run an online businesses there will be additional resources and bonus content that covers the following topics:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and how to use it for Blogging and Websites
  • Glossary of Tech
  • Tips for Building your Email list
  • Options for Website Analytics and how to use them (a beginners overview)
  • SOP - Standard Operating Procedures
    • Do you need them?
    • When and How should you create them
    • How to share with a Team
  • Plus many more resources and bonuses coming soon.


The Tech Savvy Business Academy has a community included in the course.  You simply click the button for the community and you are there in the same browser you are watching the course video's and taking your 1-1 coaching notes.

You don't need Facebook, everything for the Academy is on the one place - Your Library!


Live Coaching Call

Included in the Tech Savvy Business Academy is a 1 hour Live 1-1 Coaching Call with Kylie Ross.

This is actioned with Zoom software and once the academy is open you can book your session.  The coaching session is accessible through a link in your Library and is simple to use.

But don't worry, there will be step by step instructions and help if you haven't been on a Zoom call yet.


Weekly Live Q&A calls

There will be weekly Live Q&A sessions which will be on a set topic from the academy.

Attendees will be able to ask questions before, during and after the session.

All Q&A sessions will be recorded and available in the Community after the session.

This Academy Is For You If...

  • You want to start an online business but not sure where the starting point it
  • You have an existing business and want to add additional income streams
  • You want to grow and scale but not sure how or which tech to choose

I'm Kylie Ross

I've been a lover of Tech since my 1st Palm Pilot. Combined with my writing passion and a desire to help others navigate, the often confusing world of software and digital processes, this site was born.

I'm also a retired accountant, financial software implementation consultant and a software trainer with 20+ years of experience across multiple industries and countries.

I'll show you how to use the tech tools that will streamline your business processes and help you scale and grow your business.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

We all had to learn to walk, and talk, and write. Tech is no different.  If you don't learn the basics how do you expect to master the complicated parts.

Learning the basics with build your Tech Confidence and once you know how to learn tech, you will be unstoppable!

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