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Grab your FREE list of Resources and choose which you may add to your Tech Toolkit (aka Tech Stack).

Some are free, some are paid and some work as an all-in-one solution. Others may need to be integrated to work well within your business processes.



on the Podcast

The Confident with Tech podcast is open for interviewing guests spots.

I'd love to interview anyone who wants to discuss your Tech Toolkit and your favourites to organise your business/life, or if you don't use any tech I'd love to discuss why and how that works for productivity in your world.

It's really all about the process and the WHY and HOW for me.

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About the Show

You can be Confident with Tech and I'll show you how. This is the podcast for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and all Content Creators wanting to save time, energy and lose the frustration. Learn to co-exist with your tech tools and free your time to automate to scale and sell with ease.