#004 Do Authors Need Tech and if so, How Much?

Understanding your own Writing process and the tools you uses for each step of it is essential to having a streamlined process.

Today’s episode will focus on how to get your Writers Tech-Toolkit working with your writing style and not a copy of someone else.  After all, if it  doesn’t work for you easily and seamlessly you just won’t use it.

If you want to spend more time being creative and writing, then take a moment to decide which tools you will use within your Writers Tech-Tookit today.

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This podcast was not recorded as a video, but there are more great video’s on the Tech Savvy Creatives YouTube channel

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

Kylie translates tech for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Content Creators with tips, systems and automations to allow you to reclaim lost time, sell with ease and above all be Tech Confident!

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