Season #1 Episode #1

Hey there, and welcome to the first podcast for Tech Savvy Creatives.

This podcast is to teach creatives, like you, to become more tech savvy. So if you’re a writer, an author or a blogger for example, then you’re in the right place.

It’s also especially not a podcast for millennial’s. If you’ve grown up with tech then you’ll know what the cloud is, you’ll know how to use dropbox, you’ll know how to teach yourself a new app or create a podcast for example. But if you’re a little bit older than that and you didn’t grow up with computers in your job or in your family, than trying to understand them to start your own business as a creative is really hard.

If you’re wanting to be a professional writer and publish that book inside of you, you will need to understand what app to write in is best for you, how are you going to format it how you are going to upload to all the various online ebook retailers (if you choose to self publish), and then especially important is how are you going to monetise that book.  How do you market it, how do you set up your social media and send out social posts on autopilot. Knowing how to schedule them rather than manually go in every single post at the best time to post will get exhausting.

Being more Tech Savvy can help remove the busywork that you will end up doing and I can help you remove the frustration of not knowing what the hell to do.

As long as you have the desire to learn you will!

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