Welcome to 2022 and being Confident with Tech

Season #3

Welcome to 2022 and being Confident with Tech. In this episode I'll give you some tips and free tools to get you started organising your Tech Toolkit. Don't have one? No problem grab my template and get started.

Let's get Confident with Tech. If you are an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner or a Content Creator you are welcome and totally in the right place to be more tech savvy and tech confident with your tech tools so you can automate to scale with these.

In this podcast I will give you powerful action steps to automate your business processes with the ultimate goal, to save you time and frustration you can sell and scale your business with ease. Who wouldn't want that.

Tech Savvy Business Academy:

  1. Operations - Running your business

  2. Content Creation and Sharing

  3. Online Course creation and monetisation

  4. Write a book / eBook, format and publish

  5. Create and manage a Website

  6. Create and manage a Podcast

  7. Automations & Integrations



Tech Savvy Business Academy

FREE 5 Day Challenge - Create Your ClickUp Tech Toolkit for 2022

Tech Tools Directory (Free Resource)



If you would like to watch the YouTube version of this podcast. Check it out on the Tech Savvy Creatives channel