Be Kind to Yourself

Season #3

This episode I discuss being kind to yourself and don't stress if you don't do 'All the Things' everyday.

We are still in a pandemic and, speaking for myself, I'm not as young as I once was. So my brain and body are moving at a slower pace than when I was 20. I've been learning how to structure my work and life differently to be able to work at my pace - and get things done.

Tips for your To Do List:

  • Plan your day
    • I usually check my calendar the night before to be clear what I'm working and what appointments I  have.
    • I never let anyone book with me within 24hrs of their booking.  Time to prepare is essential.
  • Use one Calendar for all your appointments and reminders
    • It can be a bit of a juggle if you spread your appointments, to do's and reminders across multiple apps/calendars.
  • Use a Project Management Tool
    • I could not live without mine. All my projects, content creation, online courses etc are all planned into my project management tool so I can see easily what I'm working on this week and when it's due.
  • Start with accepting you just need to get 1 thing done.
    • It really is a mindset shit to get just one thing done and off your list. You will feel amazing.

As we get a little older and are living through the uncertain times of 2022 don't be hard on yourself. Just do what you can do and recognise that how to get things done is going to be different. Don't be afraid of the 'different'.