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Do You Prefer Mac or Windows Tutorials?

Do You Prefer Mac or Windows Tutorials in your Software Online Courses?

As a writer or a blogger, do you prefer Mac or Windows video tutorials?

My personal preference a Mac every time. I have been in a products user for over a decade now and I don’t usually consider anything else. However for my day job as an IT consultant all the products we use there are Windows-based. And all the hardware devices are Windows-based and usually Microsoft products.

So when it comes to my personal work, I’m always an Apple user, and the software is always Mac compatible.

When I started TechTools4Authors and my first course, Learn Aeon Timeline, I created all the video tutorials with the Mac version of the software.

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What is your Preference?

So my question to all the writers and bloggers out there reading this today, is what is your preference – Mac or Windows video tutorials?

Most software today is available on both platforms. Granted not all of it is, but most. The main apps I use as a writer are Aeon Timeline and Scrivener and recently I started using Ulysses.

Both Aeon Timeline and Scrivener have a Mac and a Windows version, and at the time of writing Ulysses only has a Mac version.

How do you like to learn?

If you have a video tutorial for an app that is available on Windows and Mac would you like to see the video tutorials presented on both platforms so that you can choose which version to watch, or would you have a preference one way or the other?

I’ve seen this conversation happening in a few Facebook groups that I’m in where some writers really want Windows tutorials and they don’t seem to be available, and I was just curious if you have feelings on this topic?

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

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