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Still waiting Patiently for Aeon Timeline3

Way back in Jan 2021 I wrote about how Aeon Timeline 3 was coming soon.  Here it is September 2021 and I’m still waiting patiently for Aeon Timeline3 to be released.

I know it can’t be too much longer as I joined as a beta tester back in January and have been trying out the new version over the past months and I’m in love with the new version.  I can’t give you any screenshots or details other than what Matt from Aeon Timeline last wrote on their blog 18th December, 2020, but I can give you the highlights from his post.

What is Aeon Timeline you ask?

Aeon Timeline is a visual timeline software developed specifically for creative writing, project management and legal case management.

It is especially great for detailed order of events in a timeline which may need to be date and time specific, to also being just an order of events for a fiction novel where time and date is not imperative.

You can Learn more about Aeon Timeline here

What is new in Aeon Timeline 3?

From what I’ve learned Aeon Timeline 3 has been completely re-developed from the ground up.

There are loads of new ways to view your timelines, faster switching between these views and a much greater flexibility in general.

Apart from the usual timeline view there will be:

  • a spreadsheet view (great for project management as you can add up values).  There will also be a mindmap and subway view – brilliant for the brainstorming part of the story.
  • Syncing with Scrivener and Ulysses has been greatly improved and a lot easier to manage.
  • Plus many, many more new features.

We shall just have to wait a little longer until Aeon Timeline3 is released.

While you are waiting
>>> Learn Aeon Timeline 3 online course

With all the new features and a completely new app compared to Aeon Timeline 2, I’m creating the Learn Aeon Timeline 3 online course.

Until I get my hands on the released version of Aeon Timeline 3 the course is available for pre-order here.

Once Aeon Timeline release Aeon Timeline3 my online course will go up to full price, so if you are considering getting this training, I suggest you jump in now, as I don’t know how much longer it will stay this low.

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