Tech Savvy Basics

An online course for those who didn't grow up with tech but want to understand it.  This is a beginners course to understand basic terminology and navigation of the internet and their devices.

Be Tech Confident


Understand Everyday Tech Terminology

> Understand what people actually mean when they say your files are "In the Cloud"

> Know which web browser you are using and need.

> Learn where to save and Backup your files (and how to recover them).

> Watch the difference between Mac and Windows and how to choose what you need.

What to Expect

Video Tutorials

Easy to follow video tutorials and you choose with or without captions.

Includes the options for captions and transcripts for all video's.

Cheat Sheets

Check list (with images) of the steps followed for each video tutorial to prompt you as you learn.

Windows, Mac & iOS

Video tutorials and screenshots show all versions - Windows,  Mac and iOS



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What's Included