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Tech Tool Categories

This is how I organise and categorise the large list of tech tools

Tech Tools to assist you with creating content (both digital and hard copy)

Tech Tools popular with eCommerce sites, and the relevant Payment Gateways for most countries

Tech Tools to assist your process flow when editing content (eg. video, documents, images)

Tech Tools popular with Email and various methods of communication (eg. email lists, newsletters and support)

Tech options for file storage on your device(s), in the cloud or on and external hard drive

Tech Tools for keeping your financial records (eg. cloud options, as well as more traditional)

Tech Tools for social sharing, marketing, and sourcing the results through analytics tools

Tools for project planing, productivity ad digital options for notetaking

Tech Tools popular for creating your website(s) and options for hosting

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Tech can be confusing. There are some who say you MUST use this tool to be profitable in online courses, and this other is the only tool for proper 'writers'.  It's just not true. The right tech tool for you is the one that you are comfortable with and enjoy using.

If it's too hard to understand (even after you go through the tutorials) then maybe it's just not for you.  Every tool is designed by its developer to perform certain actions and if the way this happens doesn't fit your logic or business process, then hey - there are plenty more options out there to choose from.

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