#007 – Tips for Getting Started with Tech

Welcome creatives to this episode number #007 of the Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast and it is Sunday the 9th May, 2021 as I’m recording this. Each week I’m going to be introducing you to a range of tech tools, resources, and how to use them and this is going to be for all types of creatives out there. 

So if you are a Course Creator, a Writer, a Blogger, an Entrepreneur, or a Small Business Owner, or a mix of all of the above, then you’re definitely in the right place and hopefully if you stick around, you’ll find that I’ll share with you how you can become and stay a confident Tech Savvy Creative. 

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Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

I'm a Translator for the Tech Challenged and a retired accountant and financial software implementation consultant. Understanding the customer and translating their requirements into various forms of training materials has provided me with a greater understanding of how people learn best. Which is why all the content I create is provided in multiple styles – online video’s, downloadable documents, podcasts and checklists.

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