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Using Aeon Timeline for My Content Creation Calendar

As a long time user of Aeon Timeline software for my novels I started to look at other options that I could use this easy-to-use timeline software for.

I now plan my content creation, a.k.a. blog posts, as an event item in my timeline. I’ve custom created some timeline settings, event settings and values, and now I have a fine tuned Content Creation Calendar.

For those of you reading this who are already members of my Lean Aeon Timeline online course, you already have this template available for download. Just check out your Course Library.

The template comes with the online tutorials on how to customise the template for yourself and is based on assumed knowledge that you already know how to use Aeon Timeline.

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Are you using Aeon Timeline for your Content Creation Calendar now?

If not, what are you using?

Kylie Ross

Kylie Ross

Kylie translates tech for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Content Creators with tips, systems and automations to allow you to reclaim lost time, sell with ease and above all be Tech Confident!

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