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Tech Savvy Reboot

Revitalize your business

  • 1 hour Consultation
    • online coaching call
    • designed to bring clarity and resolution to any persistent issue or question you might have.
    • This session isn't just a conversationit can be a hands-on practical training and troubleshooting experience.

Whether you're struggling with a specific problem or just seeking guidance my focused approach is here to help you reboot and get back on track.







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Tech Strategy Consultation

This is your Blueprint to a Future-Proof Business 

  • Initial Deep Dive (2 hours)
    • online session designed to really understand your business and it's processes
    • this session follows¬†the Pre-Session Questionnaire you will receive after booking your session, so we can kick start the process
    • once I have all the answers to my questions, I'll digest it all and create your Future-Proof Tech Roadmap ready for the Solution Walkthrough session
  • Solution Walkthrough (1 hour)
    • online session where I'll walk you through my suggested solution and tech tools for your business processes
  • A Future-Proof Tech Roadmap
    • you will receive a clear, actionable tech roadmap as a downloadable PDF ebook.¬†


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Tech Savvy Creatives Academy

a Community Membership with 

  • Community¬†
  • Tech Tips
  • Weekly Q&A's
  • Monthly Workshop/Masterclass
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Templates¬†
  • Automations
  • options for 25% discount on 1-1 coaching/training sessions







from $25.00 per month

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