How to Work with Kylie

Kajabi Implementation Package

  • Zoom session 1 x 2 hours
    • 15 min Introduction & Welcome
    • 15-30min Discuss your Issues/Actions to complete
    • 1hr - 1hr 15min - Implementation
    • 15min - Review end of session
  • Zoom session 1 x 2 hours
    • 15 min Welcome and followup on last session 
    • 1hr 30min - Implementation / answer questions / assist with issues
    • 15min - Review end of session


$360.00 USD
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1:1 VIP Training / Troubleshooting Session

  • Online Zoom Coaching Call (1 hour)
  • An online practical training on a topic of your choice.








$120.00 USD
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Kajabi Site Audit

  • Audit of your Kajabi Site
  • Online Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Receive an Actionable Checklist and Audit Report
$525.00 USD
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Hey there, I'm Kylie


Getting started with Tech can be very confusing, scary and you just don't want to tackle it.

I Get It!

I truly do, but with my help I'll step you through the terminology and what you need for now to get you a little more automated and Tech Confident.

I've been translating tech for hundreds of users across multiple countries, business size, industry and software for the past 30 years. One thing they all had in common is the desire to learn.


If you WANT to LEARN you WILL!