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Hey there, I’m Kylie. 

I’ve been involved with tech for over 30 years now either learning myself, or implementing for small business & large corporates and teaching users how to use that tech.

Over the years I’ve been very successful at implementing and teaching others how to use various applications and software and was often head hunted as a consultant in The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and my home country of Australia.  In fact, I was able to spend 20 years travelling and living where ever I wanted because of my skill and experience.

Being in demand for your knowledge and creativity is AWESOME!

The frustrating part is not having the confidence to understand how to use that next “Shiny Object” you’ve been told you MUST BUY NOW to do that thing you really need to do.  I get it, I’ve been there and bought way too many shiny things and found I wasted my money because a less expensive option, or even free, was just as good for me in my business at that time.

So let me teach you from my experience and mis-steps over the years to get your started with a Creative Tech Toolkit that serves you!

Are you Confused which app to use for what?

Is creating your Podcast, Blog, Content, Lead Magnet or anything, just taking forever because you can’t remember the steps you used last time?

You have so many apps and processes it’s just too confusing!

Confused Woman

I hear you and I’ve been there, more than once.

Producing a Podcast each month was giving me stress just trying to remember what audio settings I used last time.  So I created a Cheatsheet for myself of each step and setting in the end to end process to create my Podcast, Transcribe it, Add Captions, then upload it to my podcast host and as a blog on my website.  Then adding to YouTube became a dream as I’d already decided from my Cheatsheet what info I need there too.

This was working so well I have moved through the rest of my creative processes and systemised and documented them so I won’t forget and I’ve future proofed my business if I decide to grow and add staff at any time.

Workflow Optimisation Package

  • Usually 1 hour
  • We’ll discuss your pain points, what you’d like to achieve and if you have a preference for a solution based on Mac or Windows software.
  • If we are a good fit and you’d like to proceed a contract will be provided, the 20% deposit is paid and I’ll give you the schedule of activities.
  • With some assistance from you I’ll prepare a list of all your current software, applications (both on your devices and accessed online) and any other resources you utilise in your creation process.
  • There is a little back and forth to finalise this, but don’t worry I have some tricks to list everything so it won’t take too much of your time.
  • I’ll analyse your requirements (which I mostly gathered at our initial meeting and maybe some followup questions) and create a Suggested Proposal
  • This includes:
    • a written Suggested Proposal document (and will include workflow diagrams and screenshots)
    • a Cost/Benefit and Cashflow report on the impact of my proposal.
      • After all you want to know how this will hit your bottom line – Right!
    • a Video Demonstration on how your new Business Process will work for you.
      • Because most of us are very visual learners and if you can’t see it in action how can you decide if it will work for you!
      • You’ll have online access to the video demonstration for 1 week to review again and again before making a final decision if you want to implement.
      • We can also discuss any changes you might want to make.
  • When you accept the Suggested Proposal for your New Business Process a few things will happen:
    • I’ll send you the Agreement Form to move ahead and configure your new processes
    • The 40% milestone payment is made
    • I’ll provide you with a completion date
  • If there are any new software applications you have agreed to include these will be purchased by you (instructions will be provided)
  • I’ll configure all the apps agreed to ready for you to use
  • Create Checklists for each of your processes (ie, the order of actions only)
  • Finalise a Configuration Document with all the details you will need to login and use your new processes
  • I’ll also create bespoke Video Tutorials for each of the steps in your process to get you going. 
    • I know how hard it is to remember everything and you’ll have access to these for life.
  • This is it!  You receive your finished Business Process with:
    • A Personalised ‘Walkthrough’ of your solution
    • Video Tutorials created just for you and your solution
    • Fully documented configuration (because who doesn’t love a good read?)
  • Plus I’ll be on call for the rest of the day if you have any issues
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